Greater Birmingham Place Marketing Project

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The ‘place’ positioning project has been established on the basis that cities and city regions around the world are competing for investment, visitors, talent and positive media attention.

Greater Birmingham needs to stand out in this crowded and competitive global environment

To maximise green uk the economic potential of this region we need to be clear about our competitive positioning and identity.

Building on a growing reputation

As a city region, we have a growing reputation, over the past three years have worked with partners and stakeholders to build our reputation and deliver economic growth.  Additionally, we have record numbers of FDI, global exports, visitor numbers and are delivering on infrastructure projects that are changing the face of the area.

While the essential signs are highly encouraging, there is a great need to build on the region’s growing international reputation by developing the tools we need, to sell the area to domestic and overseas markets.

GBSLEP, working with Marketing Birmingham has therefore decided to embark on a process which will result in a convincing positioning and narrative, which will inform future strategy and direction for the area.

The process will uncover the assets, stories and truths about Greater Birmingham to create a Unique Place Proposition.

Engaging with communities and stakeholders

Over the next few months we will be involving a wide range of people across the area’s economic spectrum to help us with this challenge. We know that Greater Birmingham can only succeed if everybody is pulling together and this can only be achieved if we invite input from as many groups, age ranges and ethnicities as possible and encourage them to have their say.

The competitive positioning exercise will involve the following consultation techniques including:

  • 1:1 meetings with key influencers from across the GBSLEP area;
  • Group sessions – these will take place across the GBSLEP/MB geography focusing on (i) board representation, (ii) sector specific session and (iii) mixed theme/demographic groups;
  • Online – a consultation portal will be establish to ensure that the process is inclusive and that feedback reflects the area’s demography and geography; and
  • Desk research – existing research materials will be analysed and used during the engagement process and strategy formulation phase.

Project outputs

The project will produce the following:

  • Documentation and summary of consultation phase – outlining the process, key challenges, opportunities and supporting evidence for the brand vision
  • A Greater Birmingham brand strategy – a brand vision for the next 10-15 years that has majority stakeholder buy-in, plus accompanying recommendations for deployment short/medium/long term
  • Brand resources – the narrative, messaging plus any sub segmentation and communication tools.

Creating a long-term Strategy for the city region

The outcome of this work is expected to deliver a stakeholder-influenced branding strategy for the next 10-15 years, with recommendations to deploy the strategy, a set of brand resources and communications tools.

Next steps and getting involved

There are several ways to support this project, for further information on the Greater Birmingham positioning exercise, please contact:

For more information read the media release here.