Meet the Executive Team – Tom Fletcher

Posted by lepadmin - April 28, 2016 - People - No Comments

Tom Fletcher is our Executive Officer for Optimising Assets. Tom supports the Optimising Assets Group and Place Board and will be moving to a new role of Local Growth Fund Programme Manager. 

What is your role?
“I am an Executive Officer within the LEP Executive team, with responsibility for supporting the Optimising Assets agenda and our Board Director for this, Simon Marks. This is more of the strategy and policy side of the LEP Executive, which in my case is focussed on planning, development and regeneration, including housing, and the cultural and environmental assets across the area.

“However, I’ll shortly be moving over to a new role of Local Growth Fund Programme Manager, so exciting times are ahead!”

What does an average day look like?
“We’re going through quite a busy period at the moment, as we’re refreshing our Strategic Economic Plan and also preparing for a bid into Government as part of Growth Deal Round 3. So part of this involves meeting with partners from across the public and private sector to discuss particular project proposals that they have and to see if we may be able to support them. Just the coordination and discussions around these two big pieces of work can take up quite a bit of time.

“We’re just about to start another meeting cycle under the ‘Place’ area shortly, so I’ll be working with our Board Directors for the Optimising Assets Group and for the Place Board to determine the agendas and commission reports ahead of the meeting. With so much going on at the moment it can be a challenge to cover everything that we want to!”

“It’s also my week on the GBSLEP central inbox, so I am fielding some really wide ranging queries.”

What do you enjoy most about your work?
“I absolutely love the idea of being able to help support real changes for the better of the local area. I feel as though I am in a privileged position at times to hear about the inspiring ideas people have and to support them in making it a reality. Greater Birmingham and Solihull is an incredible area with a lot to offer that I feel sometimes is forgotten.”

What did you study at university and why?
“I studied Economics as an undergraduate, before being inspired by Jack Bauer to look into International Security, where I specialised in terrorism and nuclear weapons.”

What is your favourite piece of music?
“Always a tricky question, possibly Radiohead’s OK Computer? I might need to defer to the response in High Fidelity and just make you a mix tape…”

What is your favourite place in the LEP area?
“I am fairly new to the area so still exploring the landscape. Being a Welshman, it’s taking me some time to get used to how flat the area is! I think at the moment, it’s actually being sat inside the Birmingham Symphony Hall. It’s the first time that I’ve been lucky enough to have an international concert hall on my doorstep, so I am making the most of it.”