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Saqib Bhatti

Director for Growing Businesses and representing SMEs

Saqib currently serves as President of the Institute of Asian Businesses and by profession, a chartered accountant based in Birmingham. He is a Director at Younis Bhatti & Co Limited Chartered Accountants and an associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Saqib truly believes in promoting SME interests in the strategic development of the region and as such he has liaised with top stakeholders across the region and at a national level with a view to greater support.

Saqib qualified at a Big 4 firm, within their financial services audit practice, with his clients including top tier retail as well as private banks. Saqib believes very strongly in the responsibility to contribute to the development of the community. As such he is currently the youngest President of the Institute of Asian Businesses, in its 28 year history and is currently serving his second year. As President of the IAB, he is working to promote Birmingham as a national and international leader in trade and business, liaising with key stakeholders around the city. In addition to this, he is working to support woman entrepreneurs and SME growth in order to encourage the wealth creators of tomorrow.

Saqib sits on the board of (and formerly chaired) the historic and famous Lunar Society, a pre-eminent and informal forum to debate policy for the improvement of society.

In 2012, he was shortlisted for Birmingham Young Professional of the Year.

Saqib has previously worked with many charities in Pakistan. He helped to set up the Young Friends of Al-Shifa, a young movement based in Pakistan with the aim of providing work experience to youth in Pakistan at the prestigious Al-shifa Eye Trust, Pakistan. He was commended for his work, at the age of 15 by the then President of Pakistan, Rafiq Tarar.

Saqib studied Law at the London School of Economics. As President of the LSE Pakistan Society, he was invited to represent Pakistan on commonwealth day in 2007 where he met HRH, the Queen. In addition, as President of the Pakistan Society he invited Benazir Bhutto and Imran Khan to speak at the London School of Economics.

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