Greater Birmingham Positioning Project

More and more people are discovering the Birmingham Region than ever before. The area has secured record levels of visitors, businesses and investment. We want to build on this momentum and are looking at how we represent the Birmingham Region to people across the globe both now and in the future.

GBSLEP commissioned Marketing Birmingham to explore the areas’ competitive position. The project was established on the basis that Greater Birmingham should stand out in a fiercely competitive environment across the globe, competing for investment, visitors, talent and a positive media profile.

The proposition design spanned a 12 month time frame. During this period, consultation was central to gathering widespread geographic and demographic views. Resulting in the brand concept – ‘Make Your Mark’ – selected to differentiate the area.

The brand proposition conveys, not only the regions’ heritage in design and making, but also its continuous aspiration to be a leading location for innovation. The idea is underpinned by the areas success, which has been driven by its people and their spirit – a region of doers and achievers, where deeds mean more than words and where a diverse and enterprising attitude provides opportunity.

The brand has been enthusiastically welcomed and accepted, both within the LEP and by partners from across the wider region. The project is now moving on to the next phase, where the implementation of the ‘Make Your Mark’ proposition will focus on facilitating wider adoption across a broader West Midlands region.’

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