The Greater Birmingham Life Sciences Commission

Life Sciences Commission

The report of the independent Life Sciences Commission, initiated earlier this year by the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP), has been published.

Chaired by Birmingham businessman Graham Silk, who is also co-founder of the Cure Leukaemia charity and Patients4Data, the Commission has looked at how Greater Birmingham can draw on its particular strengths to grow the life sciences sector for the benefit of patients and the economy.

The Commission has highlighted Greater Birmingham’s potential to become a world-leading location for the rapid assessment of new drugs, diagnostics and devices. This includes a leading role in developing new models for accelerated clinical trials, which are providing patients with blood cancers with earlier access to new drugs, at no cost to the NHS.

Greater Birmingham’s attractiveness as a place to do clinical trials includes fast and easy access to a large and diverse patient population of 5.6 million, numerous clinical and academic centres of excellence in a wide range of disease areas and genomics capabilities.

The Commission has identified a number of areas where local partners, in conjunction with the Government and industry, need to work together to unlock Greater Birmingham’s potential.

This includes increasing the involvement of academic and health partners in translating medical innovations into new treatments for patients, and to develop new ways of financing this activity.

The Commission also recommends investment in patient data systems, education & training, and support for small businesses looking to enter the life science and healthcare markets.

The GBSLEP Board has endorsed the Commission’s recommendations and will continue to lead joint working between local partners, Government and industry to build on the Commission’s recommendations to realise Greater Birmingham’s potential in this area.

The Commission report can be downloaded here.