Improving Skills

Central to GBSLEP’s vision for employment and skills are three key themes; Ignite, Accelerate and Retune.

Working with delivery partners in training and education, we aim to ignite interest in the jobs of the future, to invest in and accelerate the local workforces’ progression along the skills continuum, and to retune the skills of the adult workforce with training for those out of work or in declining industries to access job opportunities.

skills talent pool

Our aspiration

We know that our skills eco system needs radical reform. We need to create far more alignment between employers and providers within a partnership that helps create a demand-led skills system. An important part of our aspiration is for business to take a full and meaningful role in supporting educational success in the region, and as a result work closely with schools colleges and universities and help inspire success. We want to see aspiration increased, and far more opportunities created to reduce inequality and promote inclusion. In particular we want to ensure young people and adults within the LEP are given the skills to succeed in employment. This should include higher level skills, as offered by our colleges and universities, which are key to business growth and the economy.
Our proposals

Through the development of our Skills for Growth Compact, agreed as part of the City Deal, we will inspire our employers, colleges and schools to build a best-in-class skills service to link pupils and learners with realworld work opportunities. Our efforts will be focussed upon creating business engagement and support for local schools to ensure employers gain a stake in their potential
employee’s future and are supporting the success of all schools across the GBS LEP. Simultaneously, we will work with our local employment base to substantially grow the number of apprenticeships and access to employment schemes offered.