Better Business for All – Delivering Effective Regulation

Working with the Better Regulation Delivery Officer (BRDO), the GBLSEP is developing practical ways to improve the trading environment through regulatory support.

Business stakeholders regularly identify the need to tackle barriers that inhibit growth and to remove excessive, disproportionate or badly-enforced regulation as a concern.

The issue of regulation across the area is a priority for the GBSLEP and the LEP is uniquely placed to bring councils and businesses together to create a more efficient regulatory environment.

All local authorities within the LEP are committed to making regulation more efficient to improve the trading environment, increase business confidence and support economic growth.

We are also working with the private sector so it remains compliant with minimum impact while identifying the main local barriers to compliance.

Our role will then be to co-ordinate support to industry and commerce with tailored advice, particularly for small businesses that lack in-house support.

As part of the Government’s pledge to reduce regulations on business at a local level, the GBSLEP was appointed – along with Leicester and Leicestershire LEP – as a pathfinder LEP.

Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council, signs the Better Regulation Charter (June 2012).

Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council, signs the Better Regulation Charter (August 2012).

The LEP worked to identify regulatory approaches that support local enterprise with best practice then shared more widely and, working with partners such as trading standards and environmental health services, will identify priorities for action.

In August 2012, GBSLEP launched a regulator and business partnership charter that sets out a new relationship between regulators and business under the ‘Better Business for All’ brand – which, if successful, could be rolled out across the country.

ACASBirmingham Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), West Midlands Fire Service and all nine local authorities in the LEP area pledged their support to the charter which features the following key elements:

The Charter, which is available for download below, is a firm commitment from regulators to be more open and to proactively support local businesses to grow.

Firms can expect to experience less red tape and bureaucracy, quicker and easier access to information and a greater understanding of their problems.

By encouraging companies to come forward, the LEP and its partners believe this will save management teams valuable time, whilst also reducing the possibility of future fines for breaching legislation.

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