Focussing on a vision for the future

Our Strategy for Growth is a bold agenda for change designed to create the conditions necessary for long-term sustainable growth, and ultimately enable us to become a globally competitive city region.

To punch our weight on the global stage will require transformation within many of the fundamental aspects of our local economy. This cannot happen overnight as structural changes take several years to achieve.

What, however, will success look like for us? Cast your mind forward. We believe success will have been achieved if the following statements accurately describe our outcomes, and the journey we have been on:

  • The LEP will have one of the most skilled labour forces in Europe.
  • LEP productivity improvements will have driven an increase in GVA by over £8bn
  • The region will have enhanced its reputation in a broad base of sectors that include Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, Digital and Professional Services.
  • The quality of business support we offer will be best-in-class, underpinning the region’s consistent outperformance for new start-ups, business survival, and business growth.
  • Unemployment is at a record low following private sector growth of 100,000 jobs
  • The region is amongst the best connected physically and digitally in the UK.
  • £15bn of private sector capital has been key to the transformation of the physical estate and enabled meeting our new homes targets.

Whilst this vision is ambitious and achieving it will not be without its challenges, we believe the current generation of civic and business leaders have a responsibility to set the region’s economic fortunes on the path that will deliver.