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Tim Pile reflects on government's Strengthened Local Enterprise Partnerships

Tim Pile, Chair of the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP), commented:

“Local Enterprise Partnerships play a crucial role in bringing together the public and private sectors to drive economic growth across the UK. Government’s recommendations for strengthened Local Enterprise Partnerships recognise the real value that LEPs bring to their regions and we will be working closely with government to ensure that these recommendations have a tangible and positive effect on the Greater Birmingham and Solihull area.

“We have had – and will continue to have – conversations with all of our partners to ensure that GBSLEP is in a strong position to build on its achievements; delivers best practice in areas like governance and transparency; and continues to work with its partners to focus on economic growth locally.

“Our key priority is to ensure that companies across the region can thrive, by removing barriers to growth and creating opportunities for success. To that end, we have been working with partner LEPs and the West Midlands Combined Authority on the development of a Local Industrial Strategy focused on unlocking the economic future of the West Midlands.

“We will also look to government to ensure that GBSLEP is able to support the region by continuing to devolve funding and decision-making for economic growth to the people who live and work in Greater Birmingham and Solihull.

“I am confident that government is committed to this agenda and we will work with them to ensure we continue to focus on how best to help Greater Birmingham and Solihull – and the wider West Midlands – to prosper.”

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