Q&A with Jacqui Kennedy

Posted by lepadmin - January 23, 2014 - Better Regulation - No Comments

DQ040313COLL-05.jpgWe spoke to the new Chair of the Better Business for All Steering Group, Jacqui Kennedy, Director of Regulation and Enforcement about why better regulation is important.

Why is better regulation important?

JK: “Good regulation is key to enabling growth and delivering employment to the region, protecting consumers and promoting good businesses.

“Just as importantly it builds consumer confidence in our local economy.

“Through positive regulation and securing compliance we also ensure that profits are made for legitimate business and not for criminals.  We aim to deliver a fairer and more prosperous economy for all.”

What immediate steps do you feel could be taken to make things easier for businesses in Greater Birmingham in terms of regulation?
JK: “I am committed to building on the excellent work that has gone before.  I am committed to continue to Improve the dialogue and develop a better understanding by businesses of the regulators as this is key to building our economy.

“With resources as scarce as they are we need to ensure that every contact counts and is beneficial to both parties.”

How can the local authorities and regulators working in partnership help to deliver greater benefits to business?
JK: “We need to get our conversations right, we need to listen as much as we speak, in fact I believe we should listen twice as much as we speak.

“We need to work on our relationships learning how we can understand each other better and speak to each other more in the form of meaningful discussion.

“We need to respond to real intelligence and information not anecdotes.”

Tell us a little about the corporate responsibility role – how does that fit in with the regulation activity?
JK: “I am the Director of Regulation and Enforcement for Birmingham City council and have a portfolio ranging across services including Trading Standards, Environmental Health and Licensing.

“I am also the senior officer with responsibility for the retail markets in Birmingham.
“As regulators our raison d etre in Birmingham is to support business and help them to flourish, but of equal importance we have to challenge poor business practice and drive rogues out of the city.