Better Business For All Case Study: Food Standards Agency

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fsalogo copyCase study from Paul Dunn, Exports Branch – Consumer Protection and Commercial Support Division at the Food Standards Agency.



The FSA formed a new Exports Branch in August 2012 to provide a focal point for all of the FSA’s business in relation to third country exports. The branch acts as the primary liaison point within the FSA for DEFRA and its agencies, other government departments, industry bodies and local authorities to ensure that food exports meet appropriate standards. The branch works closely and collaboratively with DEFRA (who are the competent authority for third country exports) and its agencies to provide the necessary assurances in relation to food business compliance.

The work I am undertaking involves the coordination and delivery of a short-term project to focus on local authority activities relating to third country (non-EU) export certification services. My intention is to positively engage with relevant stakeholders to gather evidence to increase the Exports Branch understanding of current local authority export certification services. Based on that evidence, recommendations will be made to Exports Branch regarding progressing future delivery, to include designing a strategy to communicate improved guidance and information to local authorities delivering third country certification services.

So in essence, the better the information I gather, the more likely the FSA’s guidance will be relevant and useful to the local authorities delivering support and export certification to the food businesses.

I am interested to hear from Businesses within GBSLEP who are currently exporting food products to Third World Countries (and wishing to export food to Third World Countries in the near future).

In particular I would like to hear from the businesses regarding the advice and support they have received from regulators and also if the businesses have had to overcome or foresee any barriers to them being able to export. If any interested businesses contact GBSLEP initially I will then arrange possible meetings with the businesses if any come forward.