Birmingham Creative City Partnership

Birmingham Creative City Partnership (BCCP) aims to harness the power of the cultural and creative sector to achieve economic growth in Greater Birmingham & Solihull.

BCCP is a dynamic partnership which leads and brokers critical projects and initiatives to bring about a step change in the regions Creative Economy and in its reputation as a place for ideas, innovation and creative business.

Chaired by Anita Bhalla OBE, the partnership spans the public, private and academic spheres and is led by an executive group comprising Birmingham City Council, The BBC, Birmingham City University, Maverick TV and The Birmingham Arts Partnership.

Board Director, Anita Bhalla, Responsible for Creative City Partnerships, discusses the the impact of the creative industries within the Greater Birmingham and Solihull area.

The region’s creative and cultural economy includes some 6,000 organisations with 38,000 employees, a floating freelance workforce of 17,000 and represents 9% of regional GVA. In recent years the underlying trend has been one of growth, with the sector demonstrating flexibility and resilience through the recession, particularly in comparison to other sectors. Birmingham City University, as part of the ecosystem, produces more graduate talent for the sector than anywhere outside of London.

The arts economy draws over 1m additional visits to Birmingham for events alone and for every £1 of council investment, the arts and cultural sector generates an additional £29. Music tourists to the region generate £138m a year and in 2012 the International Dance Festival Birmingham, Birmingham’s signature festival, contributed £1.2 m to the economy and £4.7m of media coverage.

To achieve its goals and impacts in jobs, skills, economic growth and enhanced identity, BCCP has structured itself around 6 priority areas:

  • Skills
  • Optimising Assets
  • Business Growth
  • Access to Finance
  • Innovation
  • Profile

The partnership leads a range of projects and dynamic interventions including:

  • Development of a specialist business support offer, promoting innovation and cross sector working to open up new markets.
  • The Academy of Academies, a world class cradle to career learning and skills pathways designed to bridge the skills gap retaining and attracting talent.
  • The creation of a range of funding and finance initiatives designed to support a diverse range of businesses and enterprise.
  • Integration with opportunities such as HS2 and the ongoing redevelopment of Digbeth and Eastside to achieve maximum benefit for the creative economy across the city and region.
  • Building on the BBC’s commitment to focus its digital and innovation services in Birmingham and the creation of 190 jobs at the BBC’s national talent centre, the BBC Academy, BCCP’s new proposition ‘Young, Digital, Diverse’ a Prospectus for Film, defines the opportunity to develop a modern film industry reflecting Birmingham’s unique character and makeup.

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