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Taking your company to the next level- Thursday 13th September 2018


The focus of this session will be looking into what you need in place for your company to grow successfully without leaving anything to chance, or open to failure. When growing your business it needs to be sustainable and robust to increase revenues without any area of your business failing behind. This session is designed to enable you to be aware of things you have not considered, investigate in more detail the areas you are aware of, and most importantly challenge you on making it happen.

What you will cover:

Strategy (what are my key challenges?)

What are we good at, Where can we improve, Who are your main competitors and what are they doing differently (market gaps), What % of market open to gain (capitalisation)?

Objectives (what are you aiming for?)

Measurement of achievements, tracking growth (how do we know we have got there), Why are we making this growth?

Plan (Roadmap for growth?)

What are we putting in place to make this growth happen and when will we have it done by?

Finances (How do I Fund/Budget for growth?)

Baseline operational costs and capital to fund the growth – Sustainable budgeting

Resources (What do I need to support this growth?)

What strengths do we have now and how do we cover the gaps for growth, What extra facilities are required, What training & development will be required, Assets investment, Legal support ,HR support

Marketing/Brand (How do/will customers see you?)

Where will your marketing strategy need to change, Will you have to increase ROI measures, Will this area of your business require a different marketing strategy/approach, Would you increase coverage areas/approach, Brandality (company identity)

MindFoundations (Is your mind set up for growth?)

What do we need to understand about ourselves to make this happen, What company values do we represent, What are the principles we operate under (company rules), How do you current customer experience you?

Criteria to attend this session:

Trading for a min of 12 months, achieving enough income to grow

-You will already have an idea on some of the above topics for your planned business growth

-Ideally you will have a team of more than 3 working for you

-You will have a good idea which area of the market your business is looking to capitalise on

Who should attend this session

-Business owners that have started their company and want to take it to the next level

-Suitable for varied size business from 30K plus turnover

-Leaders who have a clear company vision but they are not sure how to bring it to life

-Business owners who are in a good position to grow their business, but they are not sure they can do it.

Background of presenter:

Heather Egginton founder of The Real Executive Coaching Co. has been working as a qualified executive coach for over 2 years, working with business executives on Mindfoundations or Businessfoundations for success. Typically her client base has been entrepreneurs and SME leaders, coaching on their organisation direction or holding a mirror up at the person to enable more self-awareness, which in turn provokes change where required. Change in mind-sets, change in communication, change in company environments and overall leadership results change.


In order to attend this event you will have to be a SME based in Greater Birmingham or Solihull. You will also be required to register with the GBSLEP Growth Hub (this is completely FREE). Register here.

This event will take place on Thursday 13th September 2018, 09:30-12:30 at:

The George Hotel
Bird Street
Lichfield, WS13 6PR