Online tools to build partnerships for growth

A suite of online tools now exists which will help build partnerships between businesses and regulators that will support economic growth in their communities.

GBSLEP played a major role in the development of the Better Business for All’ (BBfA) brand and toolkit with fellow regulatory pathfinder Leicestershire & Leicester LEP, in consultation with the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO).

Developed in consultation with business and regulators, the tools start with the basics of identifying stakeholders, agreeing objectives and a realistic action plan; and considerations in communicating messages to a diverse audience.

Among the downloadable templates are examples of charters that set out what is expected from both business and regulators.

An Inspection Made Simple leaflet provides a basic explanation for businesses about who regulates them, how and why they are inspected, what they should do to prepare, and what steps they can take afterwards.

And Regulation and the Business Cycle is a slide presentation that outlines how businesses at different stages of development require tailored approaches from regulators to fit their needs.

The concept of providing a single point of contact for businesses to find their regulators has been developed into a web portal – – by Lichfield District Council.

Karen Woolley of the Federation of Small Businesses said:  “Working together to reduce the burden of regulation is crucial in supporting small businesses to thrive and grow.

“BBfA encourages and gives small businesses the confidence to become and remain compliant which in turn could lead to a more successful business.

“Time is always an issue with small businesses and having the single access web site ‘Talk to Reg’ is of major benefit.   As an early step on the long and rocky road to reducing red tape and regulation, we firmly believe BBfA is an excellent example of what can be done.”

Better Business for All resources can be found under the business/LEP pages of the BRDO website.

To find out more about the GBS LEP’s work with the BRDO click here.